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Quick Exit

People with learning disabilities should be supported to get married if they choose to do so and have capacity to consent to the marriage. People forced to marry or to enter a civil partnership against their will, including when they don’t have capacity to consent, need to be protected from harm and abuse.

What we do

We undertake research abut forced, unlawful and predatory marriage.

We provide information for individuals, families and professionals that aims to help prevent forced marriage.

We campaign against forced, unlawful and predatory marriage of people with learning disabilities and other vulnerable adults.

We developed all resources on this website by working in partnership with researchers and people with experience of the issues.

What we offer

This website contains information and resources for people at risk of, or currently experiencing forced, unlawful or predatory marriage and their families.

This website provides information and free training resources for professionals who may be able to help prevent forced, unlawful or predatory marriages. This includes health and social care professionals, people working in education and youth services, the police and other criminal justice professionals, and marriage registrars.

This website offers information which may be useful for policy makers and researchers both in the UK and internationally.


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