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My Marriage My Choice Research Project

The My Marriage My Choice research project (2015-18) was the first of its kind to explore forced marriage of adults with learning disabilities from a safeguarding perspective with the intention of developing knowledge, policy and practice resources to support professionals in their work of safeguarding vulnerable children and adults. One of the main aims was to raise awareness of forced marriage in order that all of those who are involved in the education, care and support of individuals who cannot effectively consent to any such undertaking, might be empowered to recognise forced marriage as such and respond appropriately.

The full research report is available to download free here.

A short version of the research report is available to download free here.

What we can offer

We are interested in reaching out to academics, researchers and policy makers worldwide who are working on issues of forced and unlawful marriage and welcome ideas for international research collaboration.

If you have resources which you would like to be shared on our resource page please contact us with details.

We are able to present at conferences and seminars on the topic of forced or unlawful marriage; we can also offer (in conjunction with the Ann Craft Trust) consultancy, training and policy writing.

My Marriage My Choice has received support from the following funders:

UK Government Forced Marriage Unit (FMU)

NIHR School for Social Care Research

ERSC Impact Accelerator Programme

University of Nottingham

The views expressed on this website are those of the authors and not necessarily those of any of the funders.

Academic articles published to date

  • Clawson, R., Patterson, A., Fyson, R. & McCarthy, R. (2020) The demographics of forced marriage of people with learning disabilities: findings from a national database. Journal of Adult Protection 22 (2) 59-74
  • Clawson, R & Fyson, R (2017) Forced marriage of people with learning disabilities: a human rights issue, Disability & Society 32 (6) 810-830
  • Clawson, R, 2016. Safeguarding people with learning disabilities from forced marriage: the role of Safeguarding Adult Boards Journal of Adult Protection. 18 (5). pp. 277-287
  • Rauf, B., Saleem, N., Clawson, R., Sanghera, M. and Marston, G., 2013. Forced marriage: implications for mental health and intellectual disability services Advances in Psychiatric Treatment. 19(2), 135-143
  • Clawson, 2013. Safeguarding People with Learning Disabilities at Risk of Forced Marriage – issues for inter-agency practice Social Work & Social Sciences Review- An International Journal of Applied Research. Vol 16 (3) 20-36

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